Creating a blog


People all over the world want to express themselves. We need as a human beings to say what we think of and we like others to listen. Nowadays, there are different ways to do so;  and blogging is one of those ways. I’ve been thinking of creating a blog two years ago. In this summer, I decided to do it.Choosing a name was a difficult step, cause I was thinking of a name that will make people fall in love with it, or just make them want to read what’s in the blog .After a lot of thinking, I decided to name it Kaoutar Chahbane (It’s my name by the way 🙂 ).

My blog is about life,thoughts and experiences. I want to express my point of view and I want others to listen. I hope that this blog will useful, interesting and full of THINKING.

I am not sure if anyone will read what I will write . I’ll be happy to just write ;but, I’ll be more than happy if someone actually read it.. 😉


If anyone read my blog,enjoy reading it.. 😉

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