Book review : My Life “Hayati”

Salam dear friends,

Today, I’m going to talk about an Arabic book called Hayati: حياتي, which means “My life”.


The book is written by the Egyptian historian and writer Ahmed Amin, who is one of the most brilliant writers of his time. Hayati is The autobiography of the writer himself. In this book, he tell us the story of his life, and even some parts of the life of his parents, friends and family.

When you read this amazing book, you will feel and live all the events that the writer tells us about.He describes Egypt and some countries that he visited. he also shows us the problems that he had and how he found solutions. What I liked more is that he describes himself in a beautiful way, which make us feel very close to him… 🙂

The story is about two different persons who are very similar: Amin, the young boy, the son, the innocent child who tries to learn more about life; and than there is: Amin, the adult, the father, the teacher who make us learn more about life. The book has a positive energy; it spreads beautiful positive thoughts 🙂

If I said that this book is a teacher itself, I won’t be lying. It’s a beautiful book that teaches us how a Man can survive, even if he faced a lot of troubles. It gives a strong message: You can be great, if you really insist.

When I was reading the book, I kept on thinking that maybe we complain a lot; I won’t use the ” maybe”, because we do complain a lot about everything. When you read the book, you keep on listening a voice that keeps on saying: STOP it, Stop complaining, people are facing much serious troubles than you do, and they still keep on living, and making a change, why don’t you ?? Stop it.

This book made me smile,laugh,cry, and most of all: it made think and learn… 😀 I really loved this book… When you’ll read it, you will live a journey that you wish it has no end. You will understand a lot of things about life just by reading it 🙂

A book that you need to read … 😉

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂


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