Hello.. My name is Change

We change.. don’t we ??? 

But, how ??? And why ??


Many people change themselves psychically and Psychologically. They change the way they look so they can feel better about themselves or just because they want The ” like and love ” . There are some people who change the way they act and think because of something or someone in their life.

The change can be good; it can actually be very good. Change can be great if we change the bad things into something good.

But sometimes, Change can be tooooo crazy.

We can help ourselves by asking these simple question that I ask myself everyday :

why do we change ?

For what reason ? For who ?

What’s the kind of change we are looking for ?

So when you decide to change your life, the way you think and even the way you look; be sure to do it for the right reason and remember that You are the change. Even if you think it’s not easy to do so, just try and you’ll see.

What do you think ???

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