Book review : Playing for Pizza

Salam dear friends,

Today ( at almost 10 AM ), I finished reading an amazing book written by John Grisham. The book is Playing for Pizza.

playing for pizza

I loved it; It’s a wonderful book about food, Opera,love and most of all : Football (American Football ). John Grisham takes his readers to a beautiful journey to Italy. The story is about NFL quarterback who find himself playing in Parma, Italy .He doesn’t know anything about Italy ; he doesn’t even know where Parma is. 🙂

I enjoyed reading the book ; it is fun and amusing… John Grisham makes me want to go to Italy, spend a good time there, and be a traveler. Believe me, when you’ll read it, you’ll dream of Italy.

The way the writer describes his characters makes me wonder if they’re real. I even made some Google searches about Rick Dockery . I did not find any clear results yet, but I’m still looking 😀

He gives the real image of life, without Photo shopping ; and makes it clear to you as a reader that we all live the same ordinary things: trying, living, losing,winning…Nothing is wrong with that. He shows that we all have the same ordinary feelings, and it’s OK to have them 🙂

I honestly did not want to stop reading it.

Thank you John Grisham.

My favorite quotes 

“I’ve never been to Italy.”

“…the aimless stroll of a man in another world.”

“The Italians seemed to thrive on dirt and sweat.”

A book worth reading again, and again and again… 😉

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