I’ve been afraid before

One of my professors once asked us if we have ever been afraid… What a question ???
Don't make it control you ...
Don’t make it controls you …

We looked at each other with a surprise and curiosity. Of course we’ve been afraid before, we are afraid now and perhaps we will be afraid in the future. The only difference is how we deal with this fear… Some will fight it and some will simply live with it; some will control it but some will let it control them.

I have my own fears (Yes, fears); not one or two ,but many. Like all the people, I control some of my fears, I try to fight and sometimes I just choose to live with it.

I think that the reason why our professor chose this question is to make us think of it, to have a Clear idea about it, and to take a decision that will change the way we live.

Fear is everywhere. there are different types of it and they all have an impact on our life. The way we deal with our fears is the one that makes the difference.

Waiting for your comments… 🙂


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