I miss being a kid

Who does not want to be a kid again ??

Well, I do... I miss those little things that I could do without having to worry about what will happen next 😦


I miss having a bed time!!!! It will be good to have that now… isn’t it ??

I miss the fact that I didn’t have to worry about my future, problems, or anything else .

I miss the fact that I could depend on my parents on everything (To be honest, I still do that kind of).. We didn’t have responsibilities; other people were in charge of organizing our life.

I miss running home to watch my favorite cartoons and waking up Sundays morning for the same reason.

I miss not having to justify what I think and say.

I miss my friends in primary-school.

I miss being carried to bed.

I miss worrying about that simple math exercise.

I miss having those innocent thought. Like thinking that the moon follows me wherever I go.

What I really miss is the Simplicity that we had in life…. No worries, just enjoying our life and being happy 🙂

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