To Mom

Salam dear friends,

This is for my center of Gravity: Mom

I love you…

No, love is a little word to describe how I feel towards you.

I miss you…

No, Missing in not the word to show what I feel when I’m not with you.

I love your smile, and you know it.

I love your charm, and how you show it.

I love your words, and the way you speak.

You’re my light, my only star, and my daybreak

I love to make you proud and happy

I want to see you proud and happy

I cry when I see you cry.

You are my sun and the sky.

Have you ever seen beauty?? Well, you did not see Mom.


My mother is ill. She had a herniated disc. Today, she did the surgery, and I really hope she will be OK. If you read this, I hope you will  remember her in your prayers. Love you Mom

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