To My Dad

Yes, I’m a little bit late.. But, it’s never too late for saying: I love you dad


I really feel blessed for having a father like mine…He’s great, simply great 🙂

So, why I love you dad ??? You have the right to ask 😉

My dad is not just an ordinary father, he’s my friend. The man I can trust. The one I can tell what’s happening in my life.

He is the one that makes me want to be better, and better… 

He supports me in every crazy decision I make… OK, not “every” but most of them.

He believes in me, which is the best thing anyone could do for you.

My father is the person who criticize me, without me being annoyed by his way of criticizing.

I can share with him my thoughts and feelings, and that’s super good.


There are many reasons why I love my father, but I can not state them in one post.

What I can say is that : I love you daddy soooooo much… Happy father’s day 🙂

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