You need to know

Salam dear friends,

The “‘You need to know” category is about knowing things and sharing information with you guys.

Today, I share with you 10 things I think you need to know about my native language, Arabic 😉


1)- Arabic is the sixth most commonly spoken languages in the world.

2)-There are more than 300 million Arabic speaking people worldwide representing the Arab communities.

3)-Arabic is written from right to left (RTL).

4)-The Arabic alphabet has eight diacritics called in Arabic “تـشكيل” (pronounced: tashkeel). These diacritics are used for correct pronunciation since the same word can have different meanings or tenses.

5) Arabic has no capitalization.

6)-The Arabic letters may be linked or separate whether at the beginning, end or middle of a word or even when isolated.

7)- It has been a literary language for over 1500 years, and is the liturgical language of Islam.

8)- Arabic is written in script, not printed. Arabic inscriptions became widely available after the birth of Islam.

9)-The English language consists of many words with Arabic origin, such as: checkmate, cotton, magazine, algebra, mummy, and sherbet.

10)-The Arabic language has a vast abundance of words, which enables the language to reach a level of precision, which not many other Latin languages can match 😉 😉


Many people think that Arabic is a very difficult language to learn, but it’s not. It is so beautiful and rich. When you learn Arabic, you’ll have the chance to discover new ways of writing, and see the beauty of words 🙂  Another interesting fact about Arabic language is that some additional letters are used in Arabic to write place names or foreign words containing sounds which do not appear in Standard Arabic, such as /p/ or /g/.

That’s it for the moment… Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH




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