10 of my favorite bookshops

Salam dear friends,

Looking for different kind of beauty ??

Here are 10 beautiful bookshops that really made me happy, and sad in the same time. Happy because of the beauty of it, and sad because we need more of  that in my country.

This is for the books lovers ( like me 🙂 ), the ones who enter to a bookshop, feel in love with it, and buy lots and lots of books  😉 ❤ 🙂


For all the books lovers 🙂


Barter Books, Alnwick
Simple and pretty 🙂



I want this..
Enjoying Venice, and reading books 😉
Cooking and reading… Who’s with me ???
Just beautiful 🙂
It feels like one of Harry Potter book series, love it ❤ 😉


It looks perfect 😉


love it ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂


Cat, colors, and books.. What else you need ??


I think I found my new project 😉

What do you think ???



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