Sorry Palestine, we have nothing to do.

The Palestinian cause is a part of my daily thoughts and life. Not because I’m Muslim or an Arab person, but because I’m human being.


A couple of days ago, I asked some of my friends of what they think we can do to help the Palestinian people. A lot of them said that we can pray for them, and yes: they need our prayers, and Duaa all the time. But, is it enough ??? Others sent me a messege saying something that made me shocked and sad. They said that we have nothing to do, not a single thing to do, period. We can watch, feel sad, tweet about it, and then live our life the way we used to do, nothing changed, and nothing will be changed… Sad, isn’t it ??

A week ago, I was talking with one of my dearest friend, and she suggested that we must change our profile pictures on Facebook to show our support to the Palestinian people, and I said: yes, we can do that, and it’s a good thing; but what’s the point. It will not save hundreds of people who are dying every single day, people who are loosing their families, friends, homes, and lives.

I tried to convince them that we can do things. I truly feel that we can do a lot of things if we want to. We can write about the TRUTH, inform our friends about it, donate, make videos, and so on and so forth. But, I will ask again: is it enough ??? No, it’s not.

The Palestinian people need their universal rights, their freedom, their life back. They need to make sure that while they are sitting with their families, eating lunch, nothing will happen. They need to know that when having a newborn, he or she will live the life as it must be. They need to know that people are still human beings.

I”m afraid that one day we will stop thinking humanly, and we will have to say to Palestine: We are sorry, we have nothing to do for you, not a single thing.

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