Be a Better Reader…

Salam dear friends,

We live in a world where technology takes a huge part of our daily life. We got the habit of checking our emails, spending time on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and looking for news from different websites . Yes, we do live a life that is “controlled”-if I might say- by the net, but the pleasure of reading a book can not be replaced by any other tool.

I’m always saying that life without books is not a life at all. I want to see people read more, which is very much possible 🙂

read more

Anyone can be a better reader. If you want to, you can be so. Being a better reader means not only reading more books, but reading in a slow manner. You have to understand the book, feel something ( anything ), and read it once again. Don’t just hold it, ans say that you have read it: when someone tells me with a proud tone that he has finished Pride and Prejudice in just 5 days ( Like I would really believe you ) I say: But, did you really read it ??.

And I won’t even talk about people who say: I don’t read, because I don’t have time. I don’t read because the movie will come up anyway, right??. Well, for them I say: First, you have a plenty of time, use it in a good way; and second: The book is always better.


So, if you want to be a better reader, these are my 5 tips to be one… Enjoy 🙂

Be patient

Read to know more. Look for details that make you identify with the book.

Use the dictionary 

Yes, you might think you don’t need one. But reading with a book in one hand, and the dictionary in the other is even better. It will make you know more words, idioms and expressions.

Take notes

This will give you the chance to be critic. You will jot down your impressions on the story, the characters, the writer, and this could be your next full review. And because I’m a words lover: I always write down all my favorite quotes, so don’t forget to do that 🙂

Make expectations 

Predicting the coming events is always fun: who’s going to be the bad guy?? Does she really going to find her passion?? What’s going to happen to the missing child??.. That’s will make you want to read more pages of the book, and it”s really useful for you as a writer or a thinker 😉


Yes, the right way to be a better reader is to think in a global way, I always love to do that. Compare the book with previous books that you’ve read, and find what you like more. Also, it’s helpful to compare the writer’s books. You can look for other similar books and read them; that’s will definitely make you a bookworm, join the club 😉 🙂

Hope the tips were useful… Keep on mind that to be a better reader, you just need some little effort 😀

That’s it… Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂


Be happy,and keep on reading 😉


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