Not humans…

Salam dear friends,

Today, 130 children were murdered in a school in #Peshawa

People who are killing young children are not human beings… These criminals do not deserve to be called humans.

Again, Islam has nothing to do with them, and their psychopathic ideas.

Just remember that while we sit in our classrooms, wishing to go home instead, they’re other young students who just want to study in a safe environment.

Our hearts and minds are with you, your family, and every single human being who suffer.


Maybe one day, we’re no longer going to see this kind of scenes.. Maybe someday, students all over the world will be safe.. Maybe someday, we will be humans again.

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  1. it’s not just today sister, and unfortunately the world will never be a better place, the world will never be out of injustice and crimes and murderers and all that evil in it.
    it is frustrating, sad …….. it’s a TRAGEDY.

    1. It is sad… But what makes it worse is that we can’t do nothing about 😦 We can not even change it or try to change it, be 😦

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