2014: People we lost…


Salam dear friends,

In 2014 -and like every year- we lost many beautiful talented brilliant people… Today, I want to remember 5 people who died in 2014, and whom I truly respect 🙂

Maya Angelou

She’s one of my favorite poets and writers… Her life was full of struggle, adventures, and troubles; but also of joy, happiness, and hope… I love her 🙂 ❤ 🙂


abdellah baha

One of the few respectful Moroccan politicians… His patience, kindness, and works will will always be there in the memory of all the Moroccan people…


 Robin williams

In every movie, he amazed us with his talents… We will miss him, and we will always love his work..

Edward Herrmann

I always remember this man as the perfect grandfather… I really loved his way of acting, and I respect him as a person..

 James Garner

He was loved by three different generations and he will always be 🙂


These people died, but their achievements will always be there for generations to come 🙂

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂


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  1. Beautiful words Kaoutar for those great people who make our life full of hope, peace and hapiness, and we should remember each one of them, we must learn from them and we must be always proud of them .. Thank you dear 🙂

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