10 things to know about Charles Dickens

Salam dear friends,

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite writers.

I’m sure that many of you are familiar with his works. I really like his novels. This man knows how to choose  a character, and write a good story. I think a lot of you already know Oliver Twist and David Copperfield 😉

So here are the 10 things I think you need to know about Charles Dickens 🙂

  • He started work aged 12 after his father was imprisoned for debt in the Marshalsea Prison.
  • Dickens started to write as a journalist.
  • The Oxford English Dictionary credits Dickens with introducing 247 new words or new usages into the language.

  • Charles Dickens has appeared on the British £10 note.
  • His first big success was The Pickwick Papers. This was in 1837, the year Victoria became Britain’s Queen.
  • People started saying ‘Merry Christmas’ more after A Christmas Carol was published. They also started sending Christmas cards by post.

Charles Dickens

  • Between 1837 and 1852, Dickens’ wife Catherine gave birth to 10 children.
  • He almost became an actor not a writer… Thank God 😉
  • Dickens had a near-photographic memory of people and events in his childhood, which he used in his writing.
  • Dickens slept facing north, believing it would improve his writing.

That’s it for today.. Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂

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  1. Admirable choices sis, Thank’s for post i really didn’t know that.
    keep them coming sis, you were and still my favorite blogger.

    1. Thank you so much for your support 🙂 It means a lot to me 🙂

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