My Book Review: All For You

Salam dear friends,

It’s been a while since I shared with you my readings, and the books that I’ve read lately are just beautiful.

I’m really happy that I had the chance to read them, and I’ll share them here very soon insha’ALLAH 😉

My book for today is All For You by Sheila O’Flanagan.


I thank my friend for giving me this book and telling me ” read it, you won’t regret” and I definitely did not 😀

The book is about Lainey,a weather forecaster who loves her job and does it very well. Lainey tries to find happiness and to make her dreams a reality. It is about family. it looks at mother, daughter and grandma relationships. In the beginning of the book, you can clearly see the difference between Lainey and her mother, Deanna. Her mother is a feminists who devoted her life to the women cause, leaving Lainey with her grandparents. And there are some long-concealed family secrets 😉 😉

I have mixed feelings for both Lainey and Deanna… I loved the grandmother ❤

Deanna claims she did that for the sake of Lainey and to the cause of all women, and it’s true but she did it for herself (first). I did not like her that much, and I think that she’s strong but at the same time, she’s very weak.

At first, I did not like Lainey choices, and how she reacts towards men, how she sees every man as a future husband, and how she will give everything for that thinking that her life won’t be good if she did not have a husband or a boyfriend. She made me think of this song: 

 It describes her perfectly in some point. At the end, she realizes that she can be alone and happy at the time, she starts taking decisions, thinking about her life in a whole different way… And it’s good, just good 😉

This book is good because it’s the story of a mother and daughter, and how different people choose to live. The book is about realizing who the important people in your life really are. It’s easy to be read 🙂

517 pages full of… LIFE.

As soon as I began reading it, I couldn’t put it back… You love it 🙂

I really enjoyed reading it 😉 

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