It’s just a bad dream…

Yes, Yes, it’s just another dream.

That’s what I would like to believe, a bad dream of uncontrolled mind. It’s a bad dream of a sick destroyed mentality of people around the world who are surrounding you and me.

The picture is taking from “shehabagency” Instagram account …

18-months-old baby was burned to death on Friday morning after his home was attacked by suspected Jewish settlers. Ali is, was his name. Ali, a baby who didn’t know anything about war, colonization, or injustice.

Ali’s parents and his four-year-old brother, Ahmed, were also injured in the attack, suffering burns that have covered up to 75 percent of their bodies, said health officials at Nablus Rafidia hospital.

 Sorry for not fighting

for you to be living,

sorry for watching you dying

without any acting,

sorry for not being there

when you were crying

Sorry for forgetting

 “human” meaning 

“Revenge” and “long live the Messiah” was the graffiti that was found on the burned walls of the house.

We didn’t see any long march or any long heart-touching speech of any president, minister, king, queen, prince, senator,.. nothing. Oh.. Right? Silly me. It’s not a big event after all. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not something that will effect our security or people. It’s not going to be a priority on our agenda. The lives of other people do not matter after all.

No, it’s not a bad dream, it’s happening. For Ali, it’s not a bad dream. For his mother, it’s not a bad dream. For Palestine, it’s not just a dream. For me, you, us, wake up, it’s not a dream.

Sorry Ali, power wins. Or you know what, cross that: not power, it’s the inhumanity, cruelty, and brutality that actually win, always.


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