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Inequality…Can we fight it ???


This is written by a dreamer, and a believer. I’m writing this because I truly believe that we are equal, we were born equal, and we can live equal.


In mathematics, inequality means a relation that holds two values that are different. In real life, inequality means injustice, unfairness, and it is WRONG.

We see inequality in our daily life, in every day activity, and in every social interaction. Inequality exists between countries, cities, neighborhoods, and individuals. It exists between rich and poor; men and women. It is when the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. It controls our lives. Because of it, people can not get a job, healthcare, or even the same rights. It’s when we look at a woman, and say: she’s just a woman, she can’t do it, we won’t give her the job. It’s when we assume that certain people can’t do certain things because they belong to a certain category.

Inequality means to me what it means to every one of us: WRONG. It is when I continue studying, and another girl of my age can’t. It’s when I can go to the university, and someone can’t. It is when I can sleep,eat,and live while someone can’t. It’s when we ignore the areas of war and violence, and when we don’t consider people there as equal to you and I… It is when we don’t give people their rights. It’s when we give privilege to some humans while others suffer.

Did I ever meet inequality ?? Of course, I did. I see it everyday. In our schools, inequality welcomes you with open hands. In our streets, we see it in every wall. It is the leader in our hospitals, administrations, companies. It is there, always there. And why should it go away ?? we don’t want to let it go, and it’s there. We don’t make any effort to fight it, and it’s there. We don’t like it, but it’s there.

In today’s world, inequality becomes a fact. We unfortunately accept it, live with it, and convince others that we can’t fight it. But what I know is that we do have a choice, we can keep on pretending that it’s a fact, and ignore it, or we can change the whole situation. I choose to change it.

As humans, we were born equal. There is no difference between you and I. So, why we invent the differences ?? Why can’t we just live the way we supposed to live ?? Why we create those lies, and call them facts ??

being equal

Inequality is discrimination. It needs to be stopped. Of course, like any other contagious disease, it’s hard to stop it, but it’s possible… We can do it, if we really want to.


Know more about this here here… We can do it  🙂

These Books Were Banned… ??


Salam dear friends,

Since it is Banned Books Week, I’ll continue talking about banned books,

You can find the other post here.. 🙂

Today, I’m going to share with you some of your favorite books that were surprisingly banned or challenged by some governments, schools, or parents…

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

This beautiful book was challenged for different weird reasons, Some said that it’s about women in strong leadership roles ( and that’s absolutely bad and unacceptable, right ?? :/ ); others claims that it promotes socialist and Marxist values…

To Kill a Mockingbird

This book was banned because – and I quote – it “conflicted with the values of the community.”

 Animal Farm

The book was banned by different countries for different reasons, mostly because it criticizes corrupt leaders. It is still banned in countries like Cuba, and North Korea.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Lebanon banned the book for portraying favorably Jews, Israel or Zionism…. In some schools, the book was/is considered to be inappropriate to kids..

Charlotte’s Web

It was banned for the same reason why China banned Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ( again, you can find the post here)… In 2006, some parents saw that their children should not read books where animals talk…

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Another George Orwell’s book that was banned in different countries ( US, UK, the Soviet Union…)  for political reasons.

So, what do you think ??


Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂 🙂 🙂

You need to know: Victor Hugo.


Salam dear friends,

Today, I’m sharing with you things you need to know about one of the greatest and best known French writers. He’s a man of many talents….  Victor Hugo is one of my favorite novelists, poets, and the list goes on 😉

victor Hugo

Here are the 5 things I think you should know about Victor Hugo… Enjoy 🙂

1)_ When Les Miserables was first published in Paris, it sold out in just a few hours.


2)_ Hugo produced more than 4000 drawings.


3)_ Hugo married his childhood sweetheart, Adele Foucher.

4)_ In 1851, Hugo chose to live in exile in Brussels and then in Britain; where he wrote La Legende des Siècles… Hugo did not return to France until 1870.

5)_ The Nation Mourned his Death… When he died, two million people joined his funeral march…


Hope you’ll read more about this great man, and try to read his novels, poems, and assays… 😀

That’s it… Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂 🙂 🙂

You need to know about Africa…

You need to know about Africa…

Salam dear friends,

Africa is one of the most diverse beautiful continents in the world, and I think it’s a must to know some basic facts about it…

Today, I’m going to share with you 10 interesting facts that I think you should know about Africa…. Enjoy 😉


1)_ Africa is the second most populous continent with about 1.1 billion people; 16% of the world’s population.

2)_ Arabic is spoken by 170 million people on the continent.

3)_ Over 50% of Africans are under the age of 25… That’s amazing 🙂

4)_  The largest religion in Africa is Islam, followed by Christianity. These two religions make up 85% of the continent’s population.

5)_  The longest river in the world, the Nile (4,132 miles), is located in Africa.

6)_  Africa is the world’s second driest continent (after Australia).

7)_  Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second-largest freshwater lake in the world.

8)_  Africa has over 85% of the world’s elephants and over 99% of the remaining lions.

9)_ Africa is home to the world’s largest living land animal, the African elephant, which can weigh up to 7 tons.

10)_ While Egypt is most well known for its pyramids, the Republic of Sudan actually has 223 of its own pyramids, double the number of pyramids in Egypt.

Hope it was useful… There is a lot more to know about Africa. But,I think you’ll read more about it… 😉

Do you live in an African country ?? Have you ever gone to an African country ??
How did you find it ???

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂