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No more words to write…. #TanTan #Morocco


Salam dear friends,

On April the 10th, 31 people were killed in a horrible accident near the city of Tantan, southern Morocco. Among these people were innocent children, between the age of 10 and 14. When you hear something like this, you don’t know how to react or what to say.

In my country, people loose their life because of vehicles, irresponsibility, and because of many many other people. In my country, promising young athletes die because they choose the wrong moment to ride the wrong bus.

I do believe strongly in destiny, but I also believe that each one should take his/her own responsibility. I don’t blame a certain category of what happened, but I do think that something need to change now, no time to waste, no more lives to give away.

Enough bragging about how many tourists we got this year, or how many “awards” we earn this year, or how many events we host this year. Stop all that, and fix this first. Fix the road, the vehicles, the mentality, anything that is responsible for what’s happening in my country.

A mother has lost her kid today. A kid has lost a father today. Boys and girls have lost their friends today. Many other people will loose their family and friends if we did not do something now, no time to waste.

My prayers and thoughts with  all those who lost their lives today, with their family, and with Morocco.

No more words to write……………………………………………………………..


Humans of Morocco: Amine Mghari


Salam dear friends,

This is a new section of my blog, where I introduce to you Moroccan young people who have made me feel prouder to be a Moroccan.


The first person whom I’m going to talk about is someone that really deserves our appreciation and encouragement. I don’t know him personally, and I’ve never met him before, but I really like what he’s doing 🙂


Today, I choose to talk about a young Moroccan man, whom I think you should all know… Amine Mghari is a talented, creative and adventurous Moroccan. He chose to leave the normal life, and start living a life full of adventures. He travels to different parts of the world making us discover new cultures and new ways of living.

I started watching his videos on his YouTube channel three months ago, and I love the whole thing. Amine tries everything. He tries new food, learn new words, start new way of living, and meet new people: new friends. I’m sure his experience made him learn so much about himself, other people, and the world.

What is really amazing is that he teaches other people more things about Morocco. He makes people from other countries say words in Arabic, know about the Moroccan culture, and be familiar with Arabs. He sends many strong messages through his videos.

When you see his videos, you just want to grab your bag, and do like him. I truly think that we need more people like him in Morocco.

I’m not going to say more things. I would really like to know this young man and ask him as many questions as possible ( maybe, someday)  But for the moment, I recommend to go and see his videos, subscribe his YouTube Channel, and like his page 😉 🙂 🙂

Amine Mghari, you made me feel happy, proud, and lively… Thank you dear Moroccan brother for what you’re doing 🙂

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” _ Oprah 

To the next future adventures Insha’ALLAH .

Some of the Moroccan writers that you should know about…

Some of the Moroccan writers that you should know about…

Salam dear friends,

Morocco has been a place for talented writers, and poets who inspired people from all over the globe. Here is my list of the top Moroccan writers that you should at least heard about… Enjoy 🙂


Fatema Mernissi


She is a Moroccan feminist writer and sociologist… I love this woman 🙂

Among her work: Beyond the Veil—– Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood…

Driss Chraïbi


He was an author whose novels written in French deal with different parts of the Moroccan society ( colonialism, culture clashes, generational conflict…).

Among his work:  The Simple Past—– The Crowd—– and my favorite: La Civilisation, ma Mère!…

David Ben Hassin

no picture

He was a Moroccan Jewish poet. He is considered to be one of the greatest Jewish Moroccan poets.

Among his workTehila le David (“Song of David”)..

Abdallah Laroui 


He is a Moroccan historian and novelist writing in Arabic and French. He is one of the leading intellectual of Morocco.

Among his works  Les Carnets d’Idris —–Le Maroc et Hassan—– Les Origines sociales et culturelles du nationalisme marocain—– L’Exil (The Exile).

Laila Lalami


She is a Moroccan American novelist and essayist… She started writing fiction in 2005… Her work is amazing 😉

 Among her works: Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits—– Secret Son

Mohamed Choukri


He was one of Morocco’s most famous 20th century writers. He did not learn how to read or write until the age of 20, and yet he became this famous author ( That’s inspiring 🙂 ).

Among his works: For Bread Alone (al-Khubz al-Hafi)—– The Tent, short stories.

Tahar Ben Jelloun

Tahar Ben Jelloun

He is a Moroccan writer. He was one of the founding members of the magazine Souffle (Breath), a seminal cultural publication that defined the shape and style of Moroccan literary thought.

Among his work:  L’Enfant de Sable—– Solitaire…


Those are just a few of the amazing writers who made an impact on the Moroccan society. Please, read more about them, try to read their books, and find more writers to know about 🙂


Celebrating the Green March


For Moroccan, today is an important day in our history, culture and Identity. We celebrate the 38th anniversary of the Green March.


The Green March was a strategic mass demonstration in November 1975, coordinated by king Hassan II and the Moroccan government, to force Spain to hand over the disputed, autonomous semi-metropolitan Spanish Province of Sahara to Morocco.


I respect this man 🙂

When the people heard the amazing speech of the king Hassan II, they did not hesitate to take a part of this historical event. A participation that shows the power of the Moroccans as nation, and their strength as brothers and sisters. 350000 Moroccans advanced several miles into the Western Sahara territory to be witnesses and creators of the Green March.



Today makes me even more proud to be Moroccan and to belong to this country, Morocco.

You need to know


Salam dear friends,

The “‘You need to know” category is about knowing things and sharing information with you guys.

Today,I want to share with you five things that I think you need to know about us, Moroccans  ;)


1)_ Islam is practiced by the majority of Moroccans and governs their personal, political, economic and legal lives.   

2)_ For Moroccans, The family is the most significant unit of their life and plays an important role in all social relations.

3)_ The elderly are respected and often exert a great influence on the rest of the  Moroccan family.

4)_ Moroccans’ most cherished possession is their dignity, which reflects not only on themselves but on all members of their extended family.

5)_ Moroccans switch languages mid-sentence, reflecting the cultures ( Berber, Arab, French and Spanish) that have crisscrossed the country.

That’s all for now … Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 😉