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The Birth of a Photo


Salam dear readers,


This is how this photo was born:

A very long time ago, an old man bought a house in the old Medina, and decided to make the door blue.

Years after, Another young man wanted a bicycle. He worked hard, and then, he bought it. He liked Yellow. He thought Yellow is another wonderful underestimated color, just like himself, a wonderful underestimated human being.

Then one day, one sunny beautiful summer day, the young man stopped his bicycle in front of the old man’s house to take some rest.


Two tourists were showing him a map asking for destination when a 22 years old girl passed the vehicle near the blue house and thought to hesrelf that “that would make a beautiful picture” she took it, and turned to her father to show it to him. He thought the colors were beautiful, then he pointed to another blue door, saying that “that door would make a beautiful photo as well”.

The story above is completely made up by my own mind (except the last part), but that’s what a picture is for me, a story that was born by coincidence, a story that grew up to become a beautiful ART.

Kaoutar Chahbane


My Instagram Share: Me and Books


Salam dear readers,

This is me sharing with you some of my Instagram posts, which have books in them.. I really love posting on Instagram and I like sharing that with you.. So without further ado, these are the 5 selected photos:

#julywithcj Day 7: Books that melt your heart. These books gave me different beautiful feelings, and they will always be ones of my favourite books. In this picture, I’ve put only the books that I have in the moment. There are so many more, but either I gave them to one of my friends or I’ve got them from the library or from one of my friends, so I don’t own them in the moment. What are some of the books that melt your heart? #me #reading #books #bookstagram #bookphotography #bookworm #morocco #marrakech #instalike #instagood #beauty #photography #photooftheday #colors #الحمدلله #watch #Antigone #littlewomen #harrypotter #thegreatgatsby #pens #candles #read #كتب #اقرأ #كتبي #lire #livres #kaoutar_chahbane

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If you want to see more of these pictures or anything that I’m currently doing (books, photography, courses, places..), you can find me here:

Instagram: Instagram.com/kaoutar_chahbane/

Facebook: Facebook.com/KaoutarChahbaneThink.in.a.better.way/


Goodreads: Goodreads.com/kaoutar-chahbane

My July in Pictures


Salam to all of you dear friends, This July was very very special, and I thought of sharing that with you in pictures 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

One of the beauiful Ramadan days in Mrrakech; Yes, the sky is red compleely red, but it was a beutiful day 🙂

Ramadan in Marrakesh 🙂

One of my favorite passages of my read this month:


I Graduated.. It was a very special day. Ranking first in my department is something that I will always be proud of alhamduli’ALLAH.


Nice Food and Good Books 🙂

IMG_20150730_234421 And, yes, I finally got the Harry Potter series; OK not all of them, but the first four, so happy to get them, and can’t wait to read them 🙂

IMG_20150801_001331 IMG_20150731_234425

One of my July read, a good book about the king of Pop:


It was also my Birthday. I’m 21 years old now… Happy Summer to all of you 🙂

Talk to you soon insha’ALLAH 🙂 🙂

Up Up Up


Salam dear friend,

Looking to the sky is one of the the things I really love to do… Today, I want to share with you some photos I took in a beautiful cloudy day 😀 😀 😀






“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”

Marrakesh: the city where I belong…


Salam dear friends, Marrakesh, the city of love, simplicity, and joy… I thought of sharing with you some of the things that I love about this city, my city 😉 These pictures that I took a while ago represent some ( just some) of the things that makes Marrakesh so lovely and beautiful 😉



The City

With its different parts. Each part has an impact on the people living in it.


Nikon 128

Nikon 204

This 🙂 🙂 🙂

Nikon 196

And of course…. This 😉


And,  I think you’ll love this one ❤

Nikon 220

That’s it for now… You can add more things to this list in the comments 🙂

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂

My little world in pictures…


Salam dear friends,

Life can be tough, but we know that we all have some joy moments that keep on making us happy 😀

These are some pictures that I took in my little happy moments 😉

Enjoy 😉

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 🙂 🙂 🙂
10555030_442742012532126_972191317_n (1)
It’s time for some mini pizza… Enjoy 🙂
I took this picture while thinking : WHY?? But then I realize you don’t need a reason to do that… right? Besides, it’s beautiful ❤



This awkwardly reminds me of T.S.Eliot….   “So I find words I never thought to speak ….In streets I never thought I should revisit…. 🙂
Reading an amazing book with the help of a very comfortable couch… What else you need ???

Be happy, and appreciate every single moment of your life .

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂

On the Beach…


Salam dear friends,

I’m not going to talk about the book here… It’s pictures time 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here are the pictures I took while being on the Beach… Enjoy 😉 😉 😉

They represent Morocco, the beach, and Me 😀


Let’s start 🙂

Beauty :D

Beauty 😀







A book, and the beach :) <3

A book, and the beach 🙂  ❤



I loved this moment :)

I loved this moment 🙂

More moments 🙂

:) :) :)

🙂 🙂 🙂





10695327_10204125635015235_293755496_n (1)



kaoutar ..









I'm glad I was able to catch this moment :)

I’m glad I was able to catch this moment 🙂


Now, I’m going 🙂 😉


Plenty of beautiful memories, plenty of pictures, and plenty of beach time 🙂

That’s it … Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂

Pictures to see, to love, and to share…


Salam dear friends,

Have you heard about the Burning Man event ?? Well, I think you should.


It’s an annual art event and temporary community based on radical self expression and self-reliance in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada…

I’m not going to talk a lot about what this event is all about, cause you can find a lot of information about it… Even if I do not like some of the pictures, I found some of them very creative and worth sharing ❤

Today, I’ll share with you some photos that made me love to be there , and it will make you wish to be there as well… Enjoy 🙂


My favorite 🙂

I loveeeeeee it ❤


It’s creative and fun… What do you think 🙂


Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂 🙂 🙂

Things to do before the end of this summer…


Salam dear friends,

Before summer ends, and just to not feel that you spend it doing nothing: I want to share with you things you need to do before the end of this summer… Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂


Practice sport, a lot of sport 🙂

If you want to lose weight, or you just want to make an effort, this the time to do it… Walk,run, play football,tennis,basketball… or whatever you like, just stop the “sitting” and practice sport 😉

practise... summer


Of course, I’ll suggest reading… It’s summer: Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read, and read it… it’s the perfect time to read books, not just a book 🙂 😉


Volunteer work

I love to volunteer… And I think we all agree that summer is the time to do so. ❤

volunteer work

Visit your family members

But don’t stay long, cause people have their plans of summer as well… Just go and sit with them for an hour or two, talk, and have fun 😉


Make time for you friends

Invite you friends for dinner, or go out with them ( shopping,playing…), go to museums or any intellectual activities.



Or learn how to cook… Do it for yourself, family, and friends.. You can also teach your siblings how to cook ❤



Learn other languages

This is one of my favorite thing to do in summer… You just have to try to learn few words from different languages.. It’s fun 🙂


Don’t forget The Sign Language

It’s inspiring, and very useful… I’m trying really hard to learn it 🙂 🙂

thank you

Begin with this word 🙂 🙂 🙂

Do something new

Try something you’ve always been afraid of doing it 🙂



If you want to do anything in this summer, do it now… Enjoy your summer… Give time for yourself, your friends, and you Family… Discover your city, go to new places… Take as many pictures as you can… Learn, have fun, and be happy 😉 🙂 ❤


Salams from Morocco… Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH ❤ 🙂