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Kaoutar’s Book Thoughts: Three Men in a Boat


Salam dear readers,

These are my thoughts on Three Men in Boat by Jerome K. Jerome.

I’ve just finished reading this book. It took me awhile to read it, but I read most of it in the past 3 days, so I think that is a good thing 📚📚📚📚📚 “Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need – a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends, worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you, a cat, a dog, and a pipe or two, enough to eat and enough to wear, and a little more than enough to drink; for thirst is a dangerous thing. ” ☺📚☺📚☺📚☺ I give it a 4 ☆ out of 5. At first, I thought of giving it 3,5 but it’s worth more. It made me smile, laugh, and think. It is full of knowledge, and it just brushes up my British history knowledge. At some point, it can seem hard to follow, specially with the heavy description of London streets, rivers, and monuments. But it’s just a unique book. I don’t know why, but while reading it, it keeps reminding me of Charlie Chaplin and all those silent funny movies. I imagined the characters as those actors with their outfit, hats, and all those beautiful characteristics. It is also based on real events that the author and his friends experienced, so that’s definitely a plus. The book shows that the author is a man of experience, that he knows what he’s talking about, that he has a very smart sense of humor, and that he’s wise. I really recommend this to all of you dear readers, especially to the ones who like a good funny British classic. 🔭📚🔭📚📚🔭📚🔭 That's it… I’m going to go back now to reading my other Arabic book 😊☺😊 #me #reading #books #bookstagram #bookphotography #bookworm #morocco #marrakech #instalike #instagood #beauty #nature #igreads #currentread #whatareyoureading #boat #classic #كتب #اقرأ #كتبي ر

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I read this book last month, and I already expressed how much I liked it. Who says that British classic humor can be hard to grasp? This book shows absolutely the opposite.This meant to be a travelogue, but ended up as a very funny book.

This is the story of three men – Jerome and his two friends, Harris and George and their dog. They decide to take a trip in a boat (something that was common in those days) in the River Thames in Oxford, England to cure themselves after they suffered from some weird ailment.  While narrating, he mentions all the villages and landmarks he and his friends pass, such as Marlow, Hampton Church, Magna Carta Island, … The books is also full of funny stories that happened to the characters or people they know. These stories will make you laugh out loud. There are stories of friends, historical figures, and even stories that happened to Montmorency, the dog.

The book also describes the common events  and situations that can happen in our everyday life. Even for today’s modern life, these situations are still relevant. You can still relate to the characters/ real people.  It has a beautiful sense of wisdom combined with a brilliant wit, which you can just love 😀

It refreshes your knowledge of many things. 3 years ago, I took a “British Culture”class, so this reminds me of what I like about that subject. I like studying and knowing more about the British history, so I really liked it when he was talking about the Magna Carta, the history behind certain streets and homes, and the earliest kings and queens of the UK,

Things I did not like: The ending was a bit quick, since their return journey was not described in full detailed, and it was just in one chapter. Also, sometimes you will find it hard to keep with some of the description, but you can’t help but love it.

I recommend this for the following reasons:

  1. It’s a classic. No need to explain more
  2. It’s funny in a smart way. For example, there is this “German language” story that made me giggle, and I’m sure it will give you the same feel.
  3. It’s full of knowledge. I’m sure you like books that make you know more, so go and try this 😉

Rate: 4/5

I have chosen to change this section from “book reviews” to “Kaoutar’s Book Thoughts”, they are my own spontaneous first thoughts; because I don’t want to give a full detailed review. These are just my thoughts on a certain book: why I loved it/ hated it. I love talking about books, but I don’t like to spoil them 😉

This is my favorite quote in the book. I actually highlighted it in my copy, which I rarely do (try not to do/ hate to do) in books.

“Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need – a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends, worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you, a cat, a dog, and a pipe or two, enough to eat and enough to wear, and a little more than enough to drink; for thirst is a dangerous thing. ”


That is for today. Keep reading books, and checking my blog 😉 Talk to you soon insha’ALLAH.


Book Review: The Stranger.


Salam dear friends,

Hope you’re doing great 🙂

My today’s book is The Strange, by Albert Camus… I finished it 2 days ago, and I can’t stop rereading it. It is a book about us, humans. It was written in 1942, during World War II. The book is very interesting: once you hold it in your hand, you can’t just put it away. The story is written in a brilliant way, that it makes the reader thinks that he’s a part of it.

PicMonkey Collage

“Maman died today. Or maybe yesterday; I can’t be sure.” This is how the novel begins, and from this first sentence, I can feel that I’m going to read something good… That’s how I thought 🙂

When reading the story, I felt like I’m reading a personal diary of Mersault, the main character of this novel. Mersault is more or less a careless person, who lives his life the way he wants to, without any significant passion (or emotion) . He doesn’t think much about what people say or think about him. He says what he thinks of, and doesn’t speak unless he has something very important to say. What I liked most about him is his honesty.

I felt bad for him, but in the same time I liked the whole character. When his mother dies, he doesn’t cry, or feel any change, he doesn’t even want to see her for the last time, and it’s sad. We may think that he doesn’t like his mother, but it’s not true, he’s used of being that way. He sees death as a fact of life. Reading this book, you may feel that Mersault is a stranger, But I think we all are strangers in one way or another.

The life of Mersault changes at the end of the first part. He is forced to face a meaningless universe. He is out in the beach, when his friend is followed by a group of Arabs, and Mersault shoots one of the Arabs. Here the story begin to change in a strange way. The simple details begin to control the life of a man, an ordinary man who is described as being a monster. We can call it bad luck or destiny, or we can just call it life.

There is more to say about the novel and about Mersault, but I’ll stop here.  I won’t talk about the end, because I think you should read the book to know it. I would only say that this book is amazing. It is a timeless classic that speaks to your soul, not your mind.


Quotes to share from the book:

“If something is going to happen to me, I want to be there.”

“Since we’re all going to die, it’s obvious that when and how don’t matter.”

“I realized then that a man who had lived only one day could easily live for a hundred years in prison. He would have enough memories to keep him from being bored”

“I felt the urge to reassure him that I was like everybody else, just like everybody else.”

That’s it… Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH

Be a Better Reader…


Salam dear friends,

We live in a world where technology takes a huge part of our daily life. We got the habit of checking our emails, spending time on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and looking for news from different websites . Yes, we do live a life that is “controlled”-if I might say- by the net, but the pleasure of reading a book can not be replaced by any other tool.

I’m always saying that life without books is not a life at all. I want to see people read more, which is very much possible 🙂

read more

Anyone can be a better reader. If you want to, you can be so. Being a better reader means not only reading more books, but reading in a slow manner. You have to understand the book, feel something ( anything ), and read it once again. Don’t just hold it, ans say that you have read it: when someone tells me with a proud tone that he has finished Pride and Prejudice in just 5 days ( Like I would really believe you ) I say: But, did you really read it ??.

And I won’t even talk about people who say: I don’t read, because I don’t have time. I don’t read because the movie will come up anyway, right??. Well, for them I say: First, you have a plenty of time, use it in a good way; and second: The book is always better.


So, if you want to be a better reader, these are my 5 tips to be one… Enjoy 🙂

Be patient

Read to know more. Look for details that make you identify with the book.

Use the dictionary 

Yes, you might think you don’t need one. But reading with a book in one hand, and the dictionary in the other is even better. It will make you know more words, idioms and expressions.

Take notes

This will give you the chance to be critic. You will jot down your impressions on the story, the characters, the writer, and this could be your next full review. And because I’m a words lover: I always write down all my favorite quotes, so don’t forget to do that 🙂

Make expectations 

Predicting the coming events is always fun: who’s going to be the bad guy?? Does she really going to find her passion?? What’s going to happen to the missing child??.. That’s will make you want to read more pages of the book, and it”s really useful for you as a writer or a thinker 😉


Yes, the right way to be a better reader is to think in a global way, I always love to do that. Compare the book with previous books that you’ve read, and find what you like more. Also, it’s helpful to compare the writer’s books. You can look for other similar books and read them; that’s will definitely make you a bookworm, join the club 😉 🙂

Hope the tips were useful… Keep on mind that to be a better reader, you just need some little effort 😀

That’s it… Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂


Be happy,and keep on reading 😉

These Books Were Banned… ??


Salam dear friends,

Since it is Banned Books Week, I’ll continue talking about banned books,

You can find the other post here.. 🙂

Today, I’m going to share with you some of your favorite books that were surprisingly banned or challenged by some governments, schools, or parents…

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

This beautiful book was challenged for different weird reasons, Some said that it’s about women in strong leadership roles ( and that’s absolutely bad and unacceptable, right ?? :/ ); others claims that it promotes socialist and Marxist values…

To Kill a Mockingbird

This book was banned because – and I quote – it “conflicted with the values of the community.”

 Animal Farm

The book was banned by different countries for different reasons, mostly because it criticizes corrupt leaders. It is still banned in countries like Cuba, and North Korea.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Lebanon banned the book for portraying favorably Jews, Israel or Zionism…. In some schools, the book was/is considered to be inappropriate to kids..

Charlotte’s Web

It was banned for the same reason why China banned Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ( again, you can find the post here)… In 2006, some parents saw that their children should not read books where animals talk…

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Another George Orwell’s book that was banned in different countries ( US, UK, the Soviet Union…)  for political reasons.

So, what do you think ??


Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂 🙂 🙂

Books my friends keep asking me to read…


Salam dear friends,

I’m sure that by now most of you know that I’m a books lover, and I love being that 🙂 🙂


So, there are some books that I did not have the chance to read them yet, and that my friends think I should… Today, I want to share with you 6 books that we all have to read (according to my friends)  😉

Bridget Jones’s Diary


Since high school, my friend keeps mentioning this book in every conversation… She’s in love with it, and I’m not sure why… To be honest, I saw the movie, and I didn’t like it, and I’m not willing to read this book … But, who knows ??

L’Homme qui rit


Many thanks to that friend who once told me about this book… This is one of the books that I really love to read… Great novel which inspires a lot of good works 🙂

The Color Purple


This one is not suggested by one of my friends, but by my brother… I already have the book, and I would love to read it.. It’s just that every time I plan to read it, there’s another book in my hand :/

Gone with the Wind


I keep hearing the name of this book from not only one but many of my friends… But there’s this one friend who thinks that I have have have to read it, and I agree 😉 I will Insha’ALLAH 🙂

Great Expectations


I was 15 when I first heard the name of this book on Oprah Winfrey’s show, and I remember that I picked my pen and wrote it with a note saying: ” must read”… Couple of months ago, my sister and one of my friends suggested it to me 🙂

Year of the Elephant


I started reading this story years ago, but I didn’t like it… A lot of People will disagree with me ( I know ), including this friend of mine who is convinced that I shouldn’t miss it  :/

 This is all for today… If you have any suggestions of a book that you think I should read, don’t hesitate on suggesting it 🙂


Book review : My Life “Hayati”


Salam dear friends,

Today, I’m going to talk about an Arabic book called Hayati: حياتي, which means “My life”.


The book is written by the Egyptian historian and writer Ahmed Amin, who is one of the most brilliant writers of his time. Hayati is The autobiography of the writer himself. In this book, he tell us the story of his life, and even some parts of the life of his parents, friends and family.

When you read this amazing book, you will feel and live all the events that the writer tells us about.He describes Egypt and some countries that he visited. he also shows us the problems that he had and how he found solutions. What I liked more is that he describes himself in a beautiful way, which make us feel very close to him… 🙂

The story is about two different persons who are very similar: Amin, the young boy, the son, the innocent child who tries to learn more about life; and than there is: Amin, the adult, the father, the teacher who make us learn more about life. The book has a positive energy; it spreads beautiful positive thoughts 🙂

If I said that this book is a teacher itself, I won’t be lying. It’s a beautiful book that teaches us how a Man can survive, even if he faced a lot of troubles. It gives a strong message: You can be great, if you really insist.

When I was reading the book, I kept on thinking that maybe we complain a lot; I won’t use the ” maybe”, because we do complain a lot about everything. When you read the book, you keep on listening a voice that keeps on saying: STOP it, Stop complaining, people are facing much serious troubles than you do, and they still keep on living, and making a change, why don’t you ?? Stop it.

This book made me smile,laugh,cry, and most of all: it made think and learn… 😀 I really loved this book… When you’ll read it, you will live a journey that you wish it has no end. You will understand a lot of things about life just by reading it 🙂

A book that you need to read … 😉

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂