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The Best 5 Books I’ve read in 2014


Salam dear friends,

There are many wonderful books that I’ve read this year, and I found it really hard to select my top 5… But, I finally did it 😀 😉


Here are the best 5 books that I’ve read in 2014 🙂

The Great Gatsby

One of the best books that I have ever read… The story is brilliant, the characters are wonderful, and no need to talk about the writer’s style 🙂


The Stranger

I’ve already reviewed it before, and I really recommend you to read it. 🙂


L’Homme Qui Voulait Etre Heureux 

Do you want to be happy ?? This book has- more or less- the answer… It tells us the story of man who wants to be happy… In the book, we follow his journey with an open mind 😀


Storms العواصف

Like always, Jabran opened my eyes on so many things just by reading this book.. His wonderful style, unique words choice, and beautiful way of telling make you love him even more 😉


25 Ans Avec Lui

This is a wonderful book… Reading it made me look to Jacques Chirac in a whole new way, and it made politics sound different to me.. I’m happy that I had the chance to read it 🙂


That’s it… Happy New Year to all of you… See you soon Insha’ALLAH 😉

Keep on reading books 😉


My Quote of the Day


Salam dear friends,

It’s been awhile since I shared with you my own quotes… The quotes that I share are products of moments of reflections and thinking.

Hope you’ll like this one 😀


Words to share


words to share

Be there for them

But, don’t wait them to be there for you

Help them

But don’t expect them to help you

Love them

But don’t ask them to love you

It’s life

We’re here to help, love, be…

It’s life

You’re here for me, and I’m here for you 

But don’t expect me to live just for you

A clarification


I decided to give it this title: A clarification... But you have the choice to call it whatever you want.

You can call it:

What we want you to understand 

What Men need to know

Listen first, understand, then talk


So, let”‘s begin the serious talk:

In the past few days, I saw a lot of videos and read a lot of articles about women. They describe women in a shallow unlikable way, and I, we refuse that 🙂

The makers and the writers are – of course- Men… They made this theory about women, describing them as talkative, useless, and have no work to do. They say that whenever girls meet, They will only discuss fashion, the latest runway shows, what she bought yesterday, the colors she likes to wear, the kind of boy she wants to marry, her favorite -series, actors, movies-, and her feelings ( her fragile unbearable feelings ). She’ll also talk about where she wants to go to on holidays, the clothes she wants to wear on holiday, she’ll ask if her makeup is fine or not. Then, they’ll eventually speak about other girls in a “not so beautiful way”.

This is not new for me cause I know what some boys think about girls. I have friends who think in a similar way and whatever I say, they refuse to change their idea.


To them, I say: You are 100% wrong. And you have to change it NOW. Why you need to change ?? Do I really have to say why ?? Whatever, I’ll try to explain to all the shallow minds who need this clarification.

When we -WOMEN- meet, we speak about.. fashion, clothes, colors… Yeahhhh, you win, how fun is that, Happy ??? Of course you don’t speak about that kind of subjects, I know ( keep on pretending :/ ) …  Let me be clear:  it’s only 1% of our conversations… 😦  Sorry to say this, but NO, we don’t speak about you; because we have more important things to share 🙂 🙂 🙂 We speak about politics ( yes we do 😉 ). We share our thoughts about the latest issues. We speak about science, and most of us really love science ❤

We also like to speak about books, a lot of books. We share quotes, experiences of life, our daily problems. And because in my opinion, we’re more responsible, serious, and caring; we speak more about what we have to do than what we want to do.

Yeah, we speak about our feelings, you don’t ??? I thought you’re humans… No ??

One more thing, Believe or not: sometimes – a lot of times – when girls meet, There’s silence… We just don’t want to talk… 🙂 😉

I’m not a ” men hater”, I just hate super shallow ideas about women or any group of people… Listen, understand, then talk.

What I just said is not based on a shallow personal opinion, it’s based on what women really are: Smart, Beautiful, caring, charming, and know when to speak and when they WANT to shush 😉

Hope it was enough to make you admit that you need to change, and to really try to change 🙂


I would like you to share this with a large number of people – with Men-, to like it, comment, and share it 😉 😉 😉

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 😉

A Story to Share…


Salam dear friends,

A good time ;)

A good time 😉

Today, I’m really happy cause I’m going to share with you a story that I wrote months ago 🙂 🙂 🙂  The story is about… 😉

No No, I’m not going to tell what the story’s about. You’ll have to read it to find out 🙂 😉

Hope you’ll like ❤


The Garden of Words



         I have always believed that words are a powerful weapon. They can hurt you, or be your best friend… I have learned this lesson a very long time ago, when I was still learning about the reality of the charm and innocent life of days and decades past. A reality that turned out to be a mistaken one.


         I was fourteen, when I found myself alone, completely alone. My parents decided suddenly to move out to another city, and I was surounded by different people, different streets, and no friends. What made my life more sad and difficult is the fact that my parents were happy. Actually, they were very happy that they did not notice how I felt. I lived in a beautiful house, a house that I did not want to live in or remember, a house with so many rooms, or shall I say with too many rooms. We did not use the kitchen on the second floor, half of the rooms were empty, and I hated it. Living in that house was not a choice, it was a thing that I had to bear.

          Near this house, there was a garden, and this garden was where I most belonged. The garden was not like what we would imagine a garden like. It was not like what we would see in movies, or read about in books : rocks were everywhere, some four or five olive trees, and magic was the story behind every single corner .

          When I first went there, I did not want to be there, but somehow I stayed. I stayed not because of the colors nor the trees; I stayed because something deep inside told me to do so. Every summer day of that hot strange summer, I was there. I went there looking for something, but I did not know where to look, how to look, or even what to look for.

           Each word tells a story, and a garden full of words has always been a place where stories begin and end.


         One day when I was walking as usual, a woman called me, and I went closer. She was an old woman, with an elegant outfit. What I liked the most about her was her smile, a beautiful smile that makes you believe for an instant that life is good, everything is going to be fine, and you’re going to be happy. She looked at me, and the first thing she said was : Smile, stop being sad. I stared at her for a minute or so, then I walked away withoud saying a word. I walked home, and I thought that I could have said something ; something like « thank you » or «  I ‘ll try ». I could have said anything, but I did not.

          After meeting her that day, I came back every day wishing to see her, talk to her, and maybe apologize.

          A week later, here she was, sitting in the same spot, looking so beautiful and calm. I walked towards her, and she smiled, and before saying anything, she said : « Have you thought of what I said before, have you even tried to do it… you’re still young, forget your silly little problems and smile » after a pause, she added : « look at those people here. Each one of them have a way of thinking of their own, a life, and problems, real problems. But, they still come here smiling, trying to forget, to forgive, and to change, or just to be here. ».

         I did not know what to say, and I don’t think I said a word. It was that kind of moments where you just need to listen. She gave me that look again, the look of comfort, and started telling me about her life. She was a strong woman, who lived and survived despite what happend to her. She married the love of her life, believed in him, and trusted in every word he said. This perfect husband destroyed her life : he lied, cheated on her with her best friend, and made her life a living hell. She told me that when she discovered that her entire life was a lie, she stopped believing. She gave birth to one child, a boy that made – and I quote- her life worth living. At the age of 15, her little boy died, and she became alone, sad, and miserable.

         She came to this garden, the garden of hope, as she described it, for the first time 20 years ago.She was sitting in the same spot, started talking to different people with different  stories. Their stories made her see life as Beauty itself.


       After seeing her life through her eyes, I respected her more. I wished deep inside to have the passion she had, the love she represented, and the power she owned.

        « Life is a great teacher, a teacher with different ways of teaching. A teacher that punishes you, smiles back at you, gives you choices, and takes from you privileges » she once told me, when I asked her about her unconditional love to life. She added « life is not about being alive, life is Living ». She looked at me, a look full of words, and gave me an advice that no one could ever forget : « Do you want a friend ? A teacher ? Open a book, and start reading : that is your best friend, and your teacher. You will see life in a whole new way, you’ll change, and feel the charm of the simple goods in life. Read, but don’t forget that there is a life beyond books, live it. Always believe in yourself. You may think you can’t do it, but you will… Always believe in yourself.» After hearing those words, I smiled, and she smiled back.

           Suddenly, I had something to look up to, something to tell people about. Suddenly, I had a person to be a friend with, a place to belong to, and a life to wonder about. In that summer, I learned to live, to love, to forgive and to change. In that summer, I started seeing the beauty around me. Suddenly, I respected how my parents felt, and I was happy for them. More than that, I was happy. Suddenly, I started looking to the sky, and realising the pure beauty of it. I started smelling the aroma of roses. I started hearing the music in every corner.

          The garden of words, a place where you can be the center of your world. A place to share stories. A place to begin a new chapter of your life.


The whisper of the trees,

The song of roses,

The talk of strangers,

A garden full of secrets, full of stories, full of words.

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Dear blog, Happy Anniversary…

Dear blog, Happy Anniversary…

Salam dear friends,

It’s been a year since I published my very first post… I’m very glad to be a part of this wonderful community. Blogging made my life different in a beautiful simple way 🙂

I was 15 or 16 when I first thought of creating a blog, and at the age of 19, I finally did it. I wanted to write, write, and write; so that people can read, read, and read. I wanted the people to like what I’m writing. But more than that I wanted them to give me their honest thoughts about my blog. I shared with you things that I like to write about, and pictures that I loved. I gave some quotes that have changed some part of life, and I think I wrote about many different topics in many different ways… I guess a lot of you now know how much I love to read ❤ I wanted to write to make a change, and I really hope that I made the change I want to see ( just a little change) in the life of one of you 😉

1 Year Blog Anniversary


So far, I got more than 140 amazing followers.People from different countries who make my life full of words, fun, and wisdom… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 🙂

What made me happier is that some people looked for my facebook account, and sent me messages saying: Keep the good work,and Thank you 🙂 Others have chosen Emails as a way to say the same thing, and that’s fabulous 🙂

Dear blog, Happy Anniversary 🙂

I have a lot more to share with you: more writing, more sharing, and more thinking 🙂

This is the link to my facebook account if you want to suggest, share, or just say something:  https://www.facebook.com/kaoutar.ch.9

I hope we can all think in a bitter way 🙂

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂

10 of my favorite bookshops


Salam dear friends,

Looking for different kind of beauty ??

Here are 10 beautiful bookshops that really made me happy, and sad in the same time. Happy because of the beauty of it, and sad because we need more of  that in my country.

This is for the books lovers ( like me 🙂 ), the ones who enter to a bookshop, feel in love with it, and buy lots and lots of books  😉 ❤ 🙂



For all the books lovers 🙂


Barter Books, Alnwick

Simple and pretty 🙂




I want this..


Enjoying Venice, and reading books 😉


Cooking and reading… Who’s with me ???


Just beautiful 🙂


It feels like one of Harry Potter book series, love it ❤ 😉



It looks perfect 😉



love it ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂



Cat, colors, and books.. What else you need ??


I think I found my new project 😉

What do you think ???


You need to know


Salam dear friends,

The “‘You need to know” category is about knowing things and sharing information with you guys.

Today, I share with you 10 things I think you need to know about my native language, Arabic 😉


1)- Arabic is the sixth most commonly spoken languages in the world.

2)-There are more than 300 million Arabic speaking people worldwide representing the Arab communities.

3)-Arabic is written from right to left (RTL).

4)-The Arabic alphabet has eight diacritics called in Arabic “تـشكيل” (pronounced: tashkeel). These diacritics are used for correct pronunciation since the same word can have different meanings or tenses.

5) Arabic has no capitalization.

6)-The Arabic letters may be linked or separate whether at the beginning, end or middle of a word or even when isolated.

7)- It has been a literary language for over 1500 years, and is the liturgical language of Islam.

8)- Arabic is written in script, not printed. Arabic inscriptions became widely available after the birth of Islam.

9)-The English language consists of many words with Arabic origin, such as: checkmate, cotton, magazine, algebra, mummy, and sherbet.

10)-The Arabic language has a vast abundance of words, which enables the language to reach a level of precision, which not many other Latin languages can match 😉 😉


Many people think that Arabic is a very difficult language to learn, but it’s not. It is so beautiful and rich. When you learn Arabic, you’ll have the chance to discover new ways of writing, and see the beauty of words 🙂  Another interesting fact about Arabic language is that some additional letters are used in Arabic to write place names or foreign words containing sounds which do not appear in Standard Arabic, such as /p/ or /g/.

That’s it for the moment… Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH