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It’s just a bad dream…


Yes, Yes, it’s just another dream.

That’s what I would like to believe, a bad dream of uncontrolled mind. It’s a bad dream of a sick destroyed mentality of people around the world who are surrounding you and me.


The picture is taking from “shehabagency” Instagram account … https://instagram.com/p/5zTKnUjcOY/

18-months-old baby was burned to death on Friday morning after his home was attacked by suspected Jewish settlers. Ali is, was his name. Ali, a baby who didn’t know anything about war, colonization, or injustice.

Ali’s parents and his four-year-old brother, Ahmed, were also injured in the attack, suffering burns that have covered up to 75 percent of their bodies, said health officials at Nablus Rafidia hospital.

 Sorry for not fighting

for you to be living,

sorry for watching you dying

without any acting,

sorry for not being there

when you were crying

Sorry for forgetting

 “human” meaning 

“Revenge” and “long live the Messiah” was the graffiti that was found on the burned walls of the house.

We didn’t see any long march or any long heart-touching speech of any president, minister, king, queen, prince, senator,.. nothing. Oh.. Right? Silly me. It’s not a big event after all. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not something that will effect our security or people. It’s not going to be a priority on our agenda. The lives of other people do not matter after all.

No, it’s not a bad dream, it’s happening. For Ali, it’s not a bad dream. For his mother, it’s not a bad dream. For Palestine, it’s not just a dream. For me, you, us, wake up, it’s not a dream.

Sorry Ali, power wins. Or you know what, cross that: not power, it’s the inhumanity, cruelty, and brutality that actually win, always.



To Mom… A woman like no other woman


Salam dear friends,

Two days from now, we’re going to celebrate International Women’s Day ❤


We don’t have to wait until this day to celebrate and defend women’s right. We don’t have to wait this day to show our respect, love, and appreciation towards women that shaped who we are 🙂

Today, I decided to talk first about the woman I love the most. I want to talk about an amazing human being who helped me, raised me, took care of me, and loved me.. I wan to talk about my mother ❤ ❤ ❤

My mom is the strongest woman I’ve ever seen. Despite the problems and difficulties she had in life, she was and still very strong, and that made me even stronger 😀

She’s smart, creative and problems solver… With a help from my dad ( my loving supportive dad 🙂 ), she raised me in the way I think each one of us should be raised 🙂

She is the prettiest woman I’ve seen. I know you’re going to say that the reason why I’m saying this is because she’s my mother, but not just this… She is beautiful, inside and outside 🙂

She taught me how to respect myself and other women and men. She taught to never consider myself better or be arrogant. She taught me to care about my family and friends. She taught me how to love, accept, and appreciate others.

Mom, I love you. There is no enough words to express how I feel towards you.. Thank you for being here, thank you for being my mother ❤ 🙂

Happy International Women’s Day 😉

I Am The Sun…


I Am the Sun

I'm glad I was able to catch this moment :)

“I am the sun”

this was a poem that I wrote

Time ago

I am the sun

this was a thing I used to think

Time ago

I am the sun

this was my way of answering

Time ago

Now, if you asked me

I will answer

I am ME

It’s more than enough for ME


Inequality…Can we fight it ???


This is written by a dreamer, and a believer. I’m writing this because I truly believe that we are equal, we were born equal, and we can live equal.


In mathematics, inequality means a relation that holds two values that are different. In real life, inequality means injustice, unfairness, and it is WRONG.

We see inequality in our daily life, in every day activity, and in every social interaction. Inequality exists between countries, cities, neighborhoods, and individuals. It exists between rich and poor; men and women. It is when the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. It controls our lives. Because of it, people can not get a job, healthcare, or even the same rights. It’s when we look at a woman, and say: she’s just a woman, she can’t do it, we won’t give her the job. It’s when we assume that certain people can’t do certain things because they belong to a certain category.

Inequality means to me what it means to every one of us: WRONG. It is when I continue studying, and another girl of my age can’t. It’s when I can go to the university, and someone can’t. It is when I can sleep,eat,and live while someone can’t. It’s when we ignore the areas of war and violence, and when we don’t consider people there as equal to you and I… It is when we don’t give people their rights. It’s when we give privilege to some humans while others suffer.

Did I ever meet inequality ?? Of course, I did. I see it everyday. In our schools, inequality welcomes you with open hands. In our streets, we see it in every wall. It is the leader in our hospitals, administrations, companies. It is there, always there. And why should it go away ?? we don’t want to let it go, and it’s there. We don’t make any effort to fight it, and it’s there. We don’t like it, but it’s there.

In today’s world, inequality becomes a fact. We unfortunately accept it, live with it, and convince others that we can’t fight it. But what I know is that we do have a choice, we can keep on pretending that it’s a fact, and ignore it, or we can change the whole situation. I choose to change it.

As humans, we were born equal. There is no difference between you and I. So, why we invent the differences ?? Why can’t we just live the way we supposed to live ?? Why we create those lies, and call them facts ??

being equal

Inequality is discrimination. It needs to be stopped. Of course, like any other contagious disease, it’s hard to stop it, but it’s possible… We can do it, if we really want to.


Know more about this here here… We can do it  🙂

#NotInMyName: Islam and I.


Salam dear friends,

This post is for all the people who want to know the real Islam, the real Muslims…#NotInMyName.


When I was a kid, I knew I was a Muslim. Of course, when you’re seven (or less), you don’t really understand what does it mean to be a Muslim. I started learning what my religion is about, and what ALLAH asks me to do. I feel blessed for the fact that I was born and raised in a Muslim family.

My father taught me how to pray, he taught me that a part of being a Muslim is praying 5 times a day, and I got used to it. In fact, it’s a daily habit that makes me feel blessed, and happy. My mother gave me the Quran, and told me that this book that I’m holding is my way of living, my constitution, and since then I made it my companion… I’m not saying this to convince anyone of the reality of Islam… Islam talks for itself. It does not need me or you to make it “good” or “pretty”.

Why I’m telling you this ??

Again, I’m not here not to convince you, or make you accept me as a Muslim… No, No.

I’m telling you this to make you know that as a Muslim, I was raised in a very normal way… To make you aware of the real Islam, the real Muslims.

As a Muslim, I was taught to believe in Adam, Jesus, Ibrahim, Moses, Lot, Mohamed ( and the list is long), and that without believing in them my Islam is not complete.

As a Muslim, my father did not ( ever… never) make a difference between me and my brother.

Islam gives me as a girl all the rights that I need and want… I don’t need no one to tell me what my rights are, cause I already know them, I already have them.

Don’t bother yourself and feel sorry for this poor Muslim girl who lives in a “prison” as you call it, who suffers, who’s been treated as a ” slave”, and who can’t go the school, or work or even talk, isn’t that what you’re trying to convince every single person in your society, in my society, in the world ?? Well, you did it, congrats.. But, I don’t think that people will keep on believing you anymore.

Do not judge Islam and say that it is a religion where women don’t have equal opportunities (equal rights);  just because some countries don’t give women the right to study, to work, to drive, to vote, or simply to choose… This is that country’s problem, Islam has nothing to do with it.

 know more

As a Muslim, I was taught that killing is a crime.

Why should I be punished for the things that some ignorant nonhuman -who think they’re Muslims- did.. I don’t think I should.

I take my religion very seriously, I consider it as my way of living.. But you don’t see me killing people… This is because that as a Muslim (a real one) I was taught that if I killed one person it”s like killing the whole nation, the whole world.

There are people who make “the hate of Islam” their career; they keep all day talking about the same old topic: Islam is danger. What they mean is that if I saw a christian or a Hindu passing by,  I’ll change the way, I’ll curse and I’ll even kill… Really ?? Well, thank you for making me know that deep deep inside me, there is a criminal, a monster, a nonhuman.

And what Makes it even worse is that people believe them, people are now afraid of Muslims. What they forget is that Muslim are ordinary people who live in an ordinary way..We don”t have a different blood color.  Our prophet Mohamed (peace be upon Him) dealt with other people from other religions in a beautiful way that can be described in this verse of the Quran “To you be your religion, to me be mine.”  Just take a look at the life of the prophet, and you can draw a picture on how he dealt with different religions, You’ll see that “tolerant” is the perfect word to describe it.


As a Muslim, I start the day by saying: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  ” b-ismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīmi”, meaning: In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, we say that too if we want to eat, to go out, or to do any other daily activity… Our whole life is based on mercy.

As a Muslim, I’ve learned that respecting others is an obligatory.

As a Muslim; I was taught that smiling to other people is a charity.

As a Muslim, I was taught that we all have equal right.. There is no difference between black and white; woman and man; rich and poor.

As a Muslim, I was taught that I have to treat others the way I want to be treated.

As a Muslim, I was taught to love my parents, my sisters, my brothers, my neighbors, my whole society.

As a Muslim, I was told to read, to collect information, to have an open mind.

As a Muslim, I was taught that I should not talk about a person behind his back.

As a Muslim, I was taught to not spread information, before making sure it’s right, and true.

You made it a fact that Muslims are terrorists, that Islam is a religion of terrorism; and it’s wrong.

Before saying that Muslims are terrorists, read the Quran, understand it, then talk.

Before telling me that I’m a terrorist, ask terrorists to which religion they belong.

tt vv

Do not judge Islam based on the actions of some Muslims.

Not because some people who call themselves Muslims commit such horrible crimes that I should be seen as a criminal.

My name is Kaoutar, I’m a Muslim, I want peace, tolerance, and respect… No war… No violence… No terrorism.

My name is Kaoutar, I’m a Muslim… When I meet you, I’ll begin with saying السلام عليكم:  As-salamu alaykum… This is our way of greeting, and it literally means: “peace be upon you”.

My name is Kaoutar, I’m a Muslim, I’m proud to be a Muslim, and I’m NOT a terrorist.

I’m ashamed that still in the 21th century, where information is more available than anytime before, I’m still defending and explaining my way of living to others… I’m still explaining what the second-largest religion in the world is all about.

I wonder when it will come the day where I will say the word “Islam”, and every one will get it with no need to explain it…

Maybe, someday, maybe, one day…


To my dream readers…

To my dream readers…

Salam dear friends,

I don’t have a single a dream reader, I can’t … My dream readers are many, and I like that… When we write something, we have someone in mind whom we want to read it: this is our dream reader… When I first start blogging, I wanted to reach as many people as possible, and I still do. I want people to love what I’m doing, and I’ll be happy if this happened.

So, if you want to know my dream readers, just keep on reading 🙂 🙂 🙂


My Mom and dad

Yes, I want them to be proud of what I’m doing, to like it, and to say: “Well done, you’re great” .

My dear brother and my two lovely sisters

They represent a great support for me, and I love when they love what I’m writing 🙂 🙂 🙂

My friends, the people I know, my professors…

Well, it will be great if they are following this blog, and liking what I’m doing… Isn’t it ??


As a Moroccan, I would love to see people from my own country reading my blog, and being better thanks to it…

 The world 🙂

Of course, as a human being, I want the world to be touched by what I’m writing about… I will say it for the the million time: I would love to make a change ( even if it was a small one ) in this world which I’m a part of 🙂 🙂 🙂

And finally… My dream reader is Youthe one reading this post, the one following my blog, liking what I’m talking about, the one sharing it, and commenting on it, the one who makes me feel happy every single day… Thank you 🙂

that’s it…Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂 🙂 🙂

Words to share


words to share

Be there for them

But, don’t wait them to be there for you

Help them

But don’t expect them to help you

Love them

But don’t ask them to love you

It’s life

We’re here to help, love, be…

It’s life

You’re here for me, and I’m here for you 

But don’t expect me to live just for you

A clarification


I decided to give it this title: A clarification... But you have the choice to call it whatever you want.

You can call it:

What we want you to understand 

What Men need to know

Listen first, understand, then talk


So, let”‘s begin the serious talk:

In the past few days, I saw a lot of videos and read a lot of articles about women. They describe women in a shallow unlikable way, and I, we refuse that 🙂

The makers and the writers are – of course- Men… They made this theory about women, describing them as talkative, useless, and have no work to do. They say that whenever girls meet, They will only discuss fashion, the latest runway shows, what she bought yesterday, the colors she likes to wear, the kind of boy she wants to marry, her favorite -series, actors, movies-, and her feelings ( her fragile unbearable feelings ). She’ll also talk about where she wants to go to on holidays, the clothes she wants to wear on holiday, she’ll ask if her makeup is fine or not. Then, they’ll eventually speak about other girls in a “not so beautiful way”.

This is not new for me cause I know what some boys think about girls. I have friends who think in a similar way and whatever I say, they refuse to change their idea.


To them, I say: You are 100% wrong. And you have to change it NOW. Why you need to change ?? Do I really have to say why ?? Whatever, I’ll try to explain to all the shallow minds who need this clarification.

When we -WOMEN- meet, we speak about.. fashion, clothes, colors… Yeahhhh, you win, how fun is that, Happy ??? Of course you don’t speak about that kind of subjects, I know ( keep on pretending :/ ) …  Let me be clear:  it’s only 1% of our conversations… 😦  Sorry to say this, but NO, we don’t speak about you; because we have more important things to share 🙂 🙂 🙂 We speak about politics ( yes we do 😉 ). We share our thoughts about the latest issues. We speak about science, and most of us really love science ❤

We also like to speak about books, a lot of books. We share quotes, experiences of life, our daily problems. And because in my opinion, we’re more responsible, serious, and caring; we speak more about what we have to do than what we want to do.

Yeah, we speak about our feelings, you don’t ??? I thought you’re humans… No ??

One more thing, Believe or not: sometimes – a lot of times – when girls meet, There’s silence… We just don’t want to talk… 🙂 😉

I’m not a ” men hater”, I just hate super shallow ideas about women or any group of people… Listen, understand, then talk.

What I just said is not based on a shallow personal opinion, it’s based on what women really are: Smart, Beautiful, caring, charming, and know when to speak and when they WANT to shush 😉

Hope it was enough to make you admit that you need to change, and to really try to change 🙂


I would like you to share this with a large number of people – with Men-, to like it, comment, and share it 😉 😉 😉

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 😉

Words to share…


Salam everyone,

Lately, I have a lot of things going on in life;problems, difficulties and worries. So, I’ve been thinking that I need to do something about it. I’m that kind of person that wants to find a solution to every problem, a person that think his duty is to help other whenever possible. So, when I can not find a solution, I feel sad and helpless.

I am tired. I feel tired and I want to change that, but I can’t. I keep thinking that one day I will stop thinking; I mean stop thinking about problems and solutions. But, I could not and I can not, and maybe, I will not ever stop doing that. Maybe, that’s part of my personality; part of who I am and what I love to do.

Do I love being worried ?? No… But, I love being responsible. I love looking for solutions, and I love finding solution to every single situation. Sometimes, I hate that, because it makes me think about others more than I think about myself. I hate that because it makes me want to change it; it makes mad of myself.

But what I realize and what I want to say is that it is OK to think about others; it is something that I love to do; it makes us more human. I promised myself that I will not be mad, sad or unhappy because of the fact that I think about solutions, problems and others. Actually, I am happy because I capable of doing that .


What do you think  ????

Words to share


Enjoy 😉

You can call this a poem, a letter or just some words to share

just want to share what I’ve been thinking about.

I think a lot, maybe too much.

I think about the past, and what I did;

I think about the future, and what I want to do.

I think about living and why we want to live.

I think about the people; why they are so different; 

they can’t be the same, and they don’t want to be the same

I think about changing, and why we refuse to change…

I think a lot and maybe I think too much…

I think about time and why we need it, why we can not live without it,

And what if we could live without it.

I think about what I have to do, what I need to do, and what I want to do.

I think about words, phrases and sentences.

I think I love words,and maybe I love sentences…

But, right now I think I need more words to form my sentences…

I think a lot and yes: maybe I think too much