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#My Instagram Share#: My Hijab


Salam dear friends,

This is to share with you what I often post in my Instagram.


#HijabToMe ⏩⏩⏩ I’m posting this to support @huffingtonpost initiative to introduce hijab, its diversity, and its beauty. Why do I wear hijab? Why am I so proud of wearing it? And what does it represent to me? Hijab is my way to show that I am a Muslim, and that I am proud to be. #Hijab is my way to show that modestey does not limit creativity, intelligence,  and confidence.  What really limits those is ignorance. My hijab is my way to fight against stereotypes. My hijab in an everyday reminder of who I am, and why I’m Muslim. It’s even a daily reminder of the reasons of my existence. Hijab is my way of showing my respect and love of my #religion and my #identity. Wearing hijab does not mean ’oppression’. On the contrary, it’s a very high/beautiful form of liberation. It’s part of my confidence and personality. I love wearing hijab. I love being a Muslim, and I will always be a proud to be one. Being a Muslim means that I respect my Islamic believes, values, and way of living. It also means that I respect/accept every other human in this earth, their believes, and ways of living. That’s what wearing hijab means to me. I don’t normally post my pictures,  but this is an exception, and it’s for a beautiful reason. The picture is a #tbt to my graduation day last #summer #2015. #me #being #muslim #muslimah #islam #morocco #marrakech #hijab #love #reading #books #bookstagram #photooftheday #photography #المغرب #اسلام #الحمدلله #women #حجاب #beauty #salam #kaoutar_chahbane

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I will try to post more often insha’ALLAH, after finishing the exams and the endless tasks and presentations 😉 I have many posts that are already written, but for some unknown/known reasons, I was not able to post them.. It will happen, I promise, insha’ALLAH 🙂

Talk to you soon insha’ALLAH.


Song of the day


Salam dear readers,

It’s been a while since I did this.

Fact about me: I like songs with a message, a purpose. I love good music.

This is a song that I first heard a year ago, and I really love it. I respect this artist, and I’m very obsessed with most of his songs; I know that I’m definitely not the only one. Whenever I feel stressed, sad or moody; or even better, when I’m happy (anytime, anywhere actually) I listen to his songs.

This one has beautiful words, with a beautiful massage, and a beautiful rhythm (again most of his songs have that). Not so many people talk about this though (I know, even if it has 4,039,024 views on YouTube) , and I think they should.

As a Muslim and an Arab, his songs appeal to me, because of its message, values, and meaning. But even if you’re not an Arab or a Muslim, I highly recommend this for you. It has the English translation on it, so you will enjoy it for sure.

I know many talk about “اضحك“”Smile”,”كن أنت“”Be you”, and “لغات العالم“”the language of the words”; which are the most famous; these are my favorite as well. This one is really worth listening to; so go and do it if you didn’t already.

Talk to you soon insha’ALLAH.

Things to do after Ramadan


Salam dear friends,

Happy Eid to all of you 🙂

Another Ramadan has gone, but the blessings and the benefits of this holly month stay always with us 🙂


So, what can we do, as Muslims, after Ramadan to keep the spirit of this month??

Here are six things you can do to keep that spirit  🙂

Fast Six Days in Shawwal.

It’s a beautiful way to maintain the spirit of Ramadan and to gain Ajr

Make Up for Missed Fast Days

It’s very necessary to fast the days you weren’t able to fast in Ramadan. I do advice you to do it immediately after Ramadan, in Shawwal.

Observing optional fasting after Ramadan

It makes you ready for the next Ramadan, and it’s also good for your health and soul.

Keep on Reading, Reciting, and Reflecting on the Quran

One of the best things ALLAH gives us is the Quran. It’s a beautiful gift. Try to read it, understand it, and apply it.

Take a Good Care of the Poor and the Needy

One of the purposes of fasting Ramadan is to feel what the poor people feel, and to be able to help them. Make it your goal for this year. You’ll feel so much better.

Keep On Performing Dhikr a Lot 

There is nothing better than being and feeling close to ALLAH, talking to him, and remembering him.. Do not stop this after Ramadan. Ask Almighty Allah for forgiveness. Optional night Prayer is also a good way to keep your heart and mind close to ALLAH.

Ramadan is a new chance for you and me to start over. Try to use this time to be a good human, and to do good things.

Talk to you very soon insha’ALLAH 🙂 🙂 🙂

Not humans…


Salam dear friends,

Today, 130 children were murdered in a school in #Peshawa

People who are killing young children are not human beings… These criminals do not deserve to be called humans.

Again, Islam has nothing to do with them, and their psychopathic ideas.

Just remember that while we sit in our classrooms, wishing to go home instead, they’re other young students who just want to study in a safe environment.

Our hearts and minds are with you, your family, and every single human being who suffer.


Maybe one day, we’re no longer going to see this kind of scenes.. Maybe someday, students all over the world will be safe.. Maybe someday, we will be humans again.

#NotInMyName: Islam and I.


Salam dear friends,

This post is for all the people who want to know the real Islam, the real Muslims…#NotInMyName.


When I was a kid, I knew I was a Muslim. Of course, when you’re seven (or less), you don’t really understand what does it mean to be a Muslim. I started learning what my religion is about, and what ALLAH asks me to do. I feel blessed for the fact that I was born and raised in a Muslim family.

My father taught me how to pray, he taught me that a part of being a Muslim is praying 5 times a day, and I got used to it. In fact, it’s a daily habit that makes me feel blessed, and happy. My mother gave me the Quran, and told me that this book that I’m holding is my way of living, my constitution, and since then I made it my companion… I’m not saying this to convince anyone of the reality of Islam… Islam talks for itself. It does not need me or you to make it “good” or “pretty”.

Why I’m telling you this ??

Again, I’m not here not to convince you, or make you accept me as a Muslim… No, No.

I’m telling you this to make you know that as a Muslim, I was raised in a very normal way… To make you aware of the real Islam, the real Muslims.

As a Muslim, I was taught to believe in Adam, Jesus, Ibrahim, Moses, Lot, Mohamed ( and the list is long), and that without believing in them my Islam is not complete.

As a Muslim, my father did not ( ever… never) make a difference between me and my brother.

Islam gives me as a girl all the rights that I need and want… I don’t need no one to tell me what my rights are, cause I already know them, I already have them.

Don’t bother yourself and feel sorry for this poor Muslim girl who lives in a “prison” as you call it, who suffers, who’s been treated as a ” slave”, and who can’t go the school, or work or even talk, isn’t that what you’re trying to convince every single person in your society, in my society, in the world ?? Well, you did it, congrats.. But, I don’t think that people will keep on believing you anymore.

Do not judge Islam and say that it is a religion where women don’t have equal opportunities (equal rights);  just because some countries don’t give women the right to study, to work, to drive, to vote, or simply to choose… This is that country’s problem, Islam has nothing to do with it.

 know more

As a Muslim, I was taught that killing is a crime.

Why should I be punished for the things that some ignorant nonhuman -who think they’re Muslims- did.. I don’t think I should.

I take my religion very seriously, I consider it as my way of living.. But you don’t see me killing people… This is because that as a Muslim (a real one) I was taught that if I killed one person it”s like killing the whole nation, the whole world.

There are people who make “the hate of Islam” their career; they keep all day talking about the same old topic: Islam is danger. What they mean is that if I saw a christian or a Hindu passing by,  I’ll change the way, I’ll curse and I’ll even kill… Really ?? Well, thank you for making me know that deep deep inside me, there is a criminal, a monster, a nonhuman.

And what Makes it even worse is that people believe them, people are now afraid of Muslims. What they forget is that Muslim are ordinary people who live in an ordinary way..We don”t have a different blood color.  Our prophet Mohamed (peace be upon Him) dealt with other people from other religions in a beautiful way that can be described in this verse of the Quran “To you be your religion, to me be mine.”  Just take a look at the life of the prophet, and you can draw a picture on how he dealt with different religions, You’ll see that “tolerant” is the perfect word to describe it.


As a Muslim, I start the day by saying: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  ” b-ismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīmi”, meaning: In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, we say that too if we want to eat, to go out, or to do any other daily activity… Our whole life is based on mercy.

As a Muslim, I’ve learned that respecting others is an obligatory.

As a Muslim; I was taught that smiling to other people is a charity.

As a Muslim, I was taught that we all have equal right.. There is no difference between black and white; woman and man; rich and poor.

As a Muslim, I was taught that I have to treat others the way I want to be treated.

As a Muslim, I was taught to love my parents, my sisters, my brothers, my neighbors, my whole society.

As a Muslim, I was told to read, to collect information, to have an open mind.

As a Muslim, I was taught that I should not talk about a person behind his back.

As a Muslim, I was taught to not spread information, before making sure it’s right, and true.

You made it a fact that Muslims are terrorists, that Islam is a religion of terrorism; and it’s wrong.

Before saying that Muslims are terrorists, read the Quran, understand it, then talk.

Before telling me that I’m a terrorist, ask terrorists to which religion they belong.

tt vv

Do not judge Islam based on the actions of some Muslims.

Not because some people who call themselves Muslims commit such horrible crimes that I should be seen as a criminal.

My name is Kaoutar, I’m a Muslim, I want peace, tolerance, and respect… No war… No violence… No terrorism.

My name is Kaoutar, I’m a Muslim… When I meet you, I’ll begin with saying السلام عليكم:  As-salamu alaykum… This is our way of greeting, and it literally means: “peace be upon you”.

My name is Kaoutar, I’m a Muslim, I’m proud to be a Muslim, and I’m NOT a terrorist.

I’m ashamed that still in the 21th century, where information is more available than anytime before, I’m still defending and explaining my way of living to others… I’m still explaining what the second-largest religion in the world is all about.

I wonder when it will come the day where I will say the word “Islam”, and every one will get it with no need to explain it…

Maybe, someday, maybe, one day…


5 things to know about Eid al-Adha…


Salam dear friends,

Today, we celebrate a very important Islamic day: It’s Eid al-Adha, meaning “Festival of the sacrifice” or “the Feast of Sacrifice” , also called as the “Major Festival”.

aid-al-adha-Maroc-(2014-09-26) (1)

A lot of you won’t understand what this Eid is all about.. I’m going to share with 5 things you need to know about Eid al-Adha… Enjoy 😉

I’ll begin by saying: Eid Mubarak to all of you… What I just said is routine greetings used during the observance to offer best wishes 🙂 😀 🙂

1)_ Eid al-Adha begins on the 10 day of Dhu’l-Hijja, the last month of the Islamic calendar. It occurs at the conclusion of the annual Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca.


2)_ Muslims all over the world who can afford it , sacrifice a sheep (sometimes a goat) as a reminder of Ibrahim’s obedience to ALLAH.


3)_ Eid al-Adha commemorates when ALLAH appeared to Ibrahim in a dream and asked him to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience. As Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son, God stopped him and gave him a sheep to kill in place of his son.

A version of the story also appears in the Torah and in the Bible’s Old Testament.


4)_ This festival usually starts with Muslims going to the Mosque for prayers, dressed in their best clothes, and thanking ALLAH for all the blessings they have received.


5)_ We share out the meat among us, family, and the poor, who each get a third share.


This Eid is an occasion to share love and care between all the Muslims 😉 Enjoy the rest of the day, visit your family, and be happy…. Happy Eid to all of you 😉

happy eid

Me, and my blog: Little things about us…


Salam dear friends,

me bb

Today, I’m writing about me, and my blog… Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

What I think you should know about me ???

That’s a hard-easy question 😉

I’m a simple Moroccan girl who dreams high and want to touch the sky 🙂 I love doing many things and I love being able to do what I can do. I am that kind of person who loves helping others, and I really think that is the reason why we exist: to be there for each other. I love my family, my country, and the world. I’ll stop talking about me, and if you want to know more, just click here.

Why I chose blogging ??

I could have just start writing my diaries, or thoughts and keep them for myself…. But, it will not be fun or new to do so. I chose blogging as a new way to share my thoughts with people from different countries, different cultures, and different backgrounds. It is an experience that makes me better in my daily life, and I’m happy for that 🙂

I love blogging. I love posting new things here, and waiting for you to comment, like, and share… I love being able to share what I love with amazing people like you.

What I write about ??

Everything… The sky is the limit, right ?? I write about life, me, Morocco, the world, Islam, books, health, music, facts, feelings… I share some of my poems, my own quotes, pictures I took, books I’ve read… I’m here to write about what I think you need to know. I want to make a small change in somebody’s life, and I want to see people think in a better way: live in a better way.


I hope you’ll keep on reading my blog, loving what I do, and making me feel happy and blessed every single day 🙂

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂

You need to know about Africa…

You need to know about Africa…

Salam dear friends,

Africa is one of the most diverse beautiful continents in the world, and I think it’s a must to know some basic facts about it…

Today, I’m going to share with you 10 interesting facts that I think you should know about Africa…. Enjoy 😉


1)_ Africa is the second most populous continent with about 1.1 billion people; 16% of the world’s population.

2)_ Arabic is spoken by 170 million people on the continent.

3)_ Over 50% of Africans are under the age of 25… That’s amazing 🙂

4)_  The largest religion in Africa is Islam, followed by Christianity. These two religions make up 85% of the continent’s population.

5)_  The longest river in the world, the Nile (4,132 miles), is located in Africa.

6)_  Africa is the world’s second driest continent (after Australia).

7)_  Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second-largest freshwater lake in the world.

8)_  Africa has over 85% of the world’s elephants and over 99% of the remaining lions.

9)_ Africa is home to the world’s largest living land animal, the African elephant, which can weigh up to 7 tons.

10)_ While Egypt is most well known for its pyramids, the Republic of Sudan actually has 223 of its own pyramids, double the number of pyramids in Egypt.

Hope it was useful… There is a lot more to know about Africa. But,I think you’ll read more about it… 😉

Do you live in an African country ?? Have you ever gone to an African country ??
How did you find it ???

Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂


Give your blood


Salam dear friends,


It’s been announced that The National Center for Blood Transfusion has made an urgent request that Moroccan citizens volunteer to make blood donations.A lot of people need our donation, so it’s our duty to donate to meet the increased need for blood in certain cities of Morocco.


So, if you want to donate, you can go to the closest blood transfusion centers from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM… It’s open from Monday to Friday 🙂


Remember that your donation can save lives… Be there if you can, and give your blood 🙂 🙂

You can add it to Things to do before the end of this summer 🙂

If you can’t, you can tell people about it, inform them, and make them aware of their duty as human beings 🙂

” من أحياها فكأنما أحيا الناس جميعا ”

You need to know: Laylat Al Qadr


Salam dear friends,


Laylat Al Qadr is a very important night in Ramadan… It is considered the holiest night of the year for Muslims. Today, I want to share with you 10 things you need to know about Laylat Al Qadr.

1)_  It is traditionally celebrated on the 27th day of Ramadan.

2)_ The Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon Him) did not mention exactly when it would be.

3)_ This night is told to be around the last ten days on Ramadan, mostly in on one of the odd nights (21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th).

4)_ It is variously rendered in English as the Night of Destiny, Night of Power, Night of Value, the Night of Decree or Night of Measures.

5)_  It is the  night when the Quran was revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon Him)  from ALLAH.

6)_ Laylat Al Qadr is a good time for prayers to be answered. Muslims welcome this occasion with study, devotional readings, and prayer.

7)_ Good deeds performed on that single night are equal to those performed over a thousand months.

8)_ It is the holiest night of the year, so believers are encouraged to stay awake the entire night, and pray for blessings and forgiveness.

9)_ Muslims will take advantage from this night in different ways. Some will pray as much as they can, others  will read the Quran all night, while some people will sit with their hands raised, and with  their tears falling from their eyes as they ask ALLAH forgiveness… If you want my opinion, do all those things: pray, read Quran, and ask forgiveness 😉

10)_ Some Muslims participate in a spiritual retreat called itikaf, where they spend all ten days in the mosque reading the Quran and praying.

For us, Muslims, the month of Ramadan is a  particularly spiritually important time. I think one of the reasons why we don’t have a specific time for Laylat Al Qadr is to make the whole month of Ramadan a time for forgiveness, changing, and caring.

Hope what I just said or wrote was useful… Talk to you soon Insha’ALLAH 🙂 🙂 🙂